Pardon my Progress

I realize I am doing a terrible job at keeping up with my blog. I’m so sorry! All for good reason, though. I was offered a position (one that is FINALLY utilizing my college degree) and I took it and I LOVE it! I love my co-workers, the clients, the vibe, and the company—all of it. I have finally found a place that I can ethically align myself with. I have struggled a lot in my field working at places that I feel don’t live up to their mission and value statements. So this is a really big deal for me!


Not long after I accepted the job, the school I applied to for graduate school told me I was accepted. But I had sort of already made up my mind a couple of months back when the hubs was doing Army stuff full-time for a couple of months. It’s just not a good time for me to go back to school, that and with an upcoming deployment. It’s just too much to take on for the next year. I declined the acceptance. Maybe someday it will be financially reasonable, but definitely not right now. Not to mention that they offered me a part-time track that would take me four years to complete (and would also cost more than the full-time program). Sad that seemingly everything is driven by profit these days. I am absolutely feeling like my character is clashing with all that is around me in that respect (job-wise, college-wise, house-wise, etc. etc.)

Our house went sale pending over the past weekend. We are one step closer to obtaining our dream, forever home! I am very optimistic at this point; just have to wait on the underwriting and everything to go through. I am hoping we will be able to move in the last week of December. Before X-mas would be ideal, as I would love to celebrate X-mas and put up our tree at the new place. But, I s’pose I can’t be in control of this part of the process. I must learn to better accept things I have no power to sway. Always working on that. Anyway, I should be packing and preparing our house for the sale but I am going to enjoy myself and bask in this fucking happiness for awhile longer.

The new job means that Sylvia has been spending the mornings I work with a sitter. It seems to have been a very smooth transition and I am further encouraged that I’ve made some good decisions in our lives because of it. I am always second-guessing my decisions and myself so it feels really good to feel very absolute in something for a change. I am so much more appreciative of the time that I spend with Sylvia now and I do a much better time being present for her (whereas before I spent a lot of time contemplating life, work, school, house, everything. Essentially daydreaming my days away.)

Hopefully all of these changes will bring us some calm and peace for years to come. I never seem to be able to keep serenity grounded around me for long but, again, I am optimistic.
I’m also sorry if this post is happy gluttony to the ears. I’m just feeling like all the hard work is finally starting to pay off. Feels damn good.