Weekend Plans (and not plans)

This past weekend was an eventful one. My sister-in-law and I went to our second march together. This time at our nation’s capitol! I cannot get over how great it feels to be around so many people with my same political values and beliefs. I’m still reeling from the experience.


DC has been a hopping place almost every weekend since commander dumbass was elected. The weekend before last was the “Science March”, the weekend before that, the “Tax March” and on and on. A few things have changed in the 7 years since I have visited DC, and not just the president. The museum of American African History opened this past year and we were REALLY looking forward to visiting it, but they have been so busy that visitors must buy the tickets in advance for an allotted time only. We didn’t think about that, or that far ahead, so we only visited the Holocaust museum. Which is just as I remember it. Maybe a bit more emotional for me this time around now that I am a mom and have all of these hormones raging about me. I will always tear up reading about the extermination of children with disabilities whom were housed in the state asylums. I will always tear up reading the quote on the wall:


“We are the shoes. We are the last witnesses.

We are shoes from grandchildren and grandfathers

From Prague, Paris and Amsterdam.

And because we are only made of fabric and leather

And not of blood and flesh,

Each one of us avoided the Hellfire.”

-Moses Schulstein


Aside from opposing the current administration and marching on Washington, the signs were also a benefit of the trip. Progressives are creative.


Here are some snaps of the signs we saw:


Coming home was bittersweet. It was wonderful to be reunited with my daughter again (not that she was affected by my absence or figured out I was gone, bless her cute self). But after my mom picked us up from the airport, she said that my childhood cat was dying or may have already died while she was gone to get us.


Upon arriving home, we discovered that she had passed. 16 years she had lived. At about the onset of my anxiety disorder and panic attacks she entered my life. She was alive when my dad was; a reminder that I am just getting that much further away from those years.


I wasn’t the best owner, although I think some inbreeding had occurred in her gene pool so she wasn’t a very friendly cat. But she was my cat nonetheless and I feel bad for our other cat that is now alone and howls and wails in mourning at my mom’s house. I’ve been more appreciative of our three cats since yesterday morning. It made me think of how much I will miss them–they are much friendlier and sweeter. It also reminds me that we are only promised a lifetime—but the fine print doesn’t guarantee it will be a long one.


When the Unimaginable is Inevitable

Well, looks like come January, we’re going on a little trip through the twilight zone.. destination 1950-something.

Like more than half the country, I am very disheartened at the results of this election. At this point, it is very likely that the first president Sylvia will remember will be Donald Trump—a man that has incited violence, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and mocked disabilities. And I say “likely” because his track record makes him a great candidate for impeachment or a forced early resignation because of business conflicts, because of unethical ideologies, etc., etc. Is it too soon to hope?

I am still reeling on how to even handle this outcome. I’ve been moping around the past couple weeks and I know I need to find post-election peace but I’m not sure how. Before, I joked that I would “conscientiously object” his presidency and we’d move out of the country. But that’s entirely unrealistic, as natural as that response comes. (Fight or flight is an alive and well phenomenon, yo). Besides, where does that leave our country? Without balance and full of the very people that elected him—Without tolerance and with prejudice—Without love and full of hate.

So I will stay and I will worry but I will voice my resistance for anything but modern and progressive ideologies.


I don’t think Trump, his platform, his policies, or anything he’s said warrants me to give him any benefit of doubt. I hear people say, “Give it a chance”, “He won’t be able to do everything he says he will”, “He’s just being personable—not a politician”. I’m not buying any of it. He’s failed to even try to be presidential. He’s spewed racist, xenophobic, misogynist, ethnocentric, and homophobic rhetoric his whole campaign. Can you imagine if this election were an actual job interview? The hiring manager would’ve laughed in his face and turned him right out the door. But apparently we have a huge double standard in our society. One that allows people with power to do and say whatever the hell they want.


I am left with more questions than answers.. What am I going to tell my children? How are parents able to find exceptions, for our president, to the rules and norms that we teach our children? What were the deciding factors in people’s voting? To what end are people able to justify the actions of our now president-elect? What is going to happen to all of the citizens in this country that are not white, upperclass, and male? What does this all mean for foreign policy?

It’s not surprising that there’s recently been the largest uptick in racially fueled crime since 9/11. Not to me anyway. But this is just the beginning. DJT hasn’t even taken seat as president and already, as he picks his cabinet members, I am disheartened. The worse is absolutely yet to come.

I find peace in knowing that I am my own person. I am pro-choice, pro-LGBT, pro BLM, pro equality in general. I’m anti-intolerance. And I don’t condone his behavior, his policies, anything really—about him and I doubt ever will. I haven’t yet seen any silver lining and I don’t anticipate that I will if I haven’t already. I’m building a network with other like-minded people I know and I’m definitely relieved that I am not alone.

I’m getting together a resources stockpile (with a little help from my friends) to help to empower myself in the hopes of not giving up on my moral compass and feeling powerless to do anything. If you too are feeling helpless to do anything in light of the recent election, I urge you to take a look and take even a silent protest by not shopping at Hobby Lobby or the like.