There are no jobs on a dead planet

Well, another week and another round of the accustomed shock in reaction to the current administration. We can all assume at this point that our president is going to dismantle any policy that doesn’t directly bring America (or more specifically, “his people”) monetary gains. You know, because it’s only important that we work to become the most rich and powerful—to hell with the future generations.

I just do not understand. Well, maybe I do, but I don’t want to. How can our leaders choose corporate kickbacks and financial gains over the future of our planet? Do we really have a party that exists to deny science and essentially MOE (money over everything) it up in our government? It definitely appears so. Message for all of those narrow-minded, not-working-for-the-people jack-wagons working in our government, seated in the pockets of Trump’s made-in-China suits: Money cannot buy you a clean planet and THERE ARE NO JOBS ON A DEAD ONE.

I heard the address Trump made when he declared the U.S. was abandoning the Paris Climate Agreement. It was a whole lot of excuses. “The people in other countries around the world were cheering after we signed the agreement, because they were so happy they could take more of our jobs”—You kidding me? We have now joined Syria and Nicaragua as being the ONLY three countries not a part of the Paris Agreement. Were those—two—the countries applauding us because they would have something to gain from our agreement? Or was it all of the countries because I’m pretty sure they were applauding the fact that the agreement would ensure a global dedication to a sustainable future.

I heard Trump complain about the agreement’s impact on American workers and the threat that the agreement would send more jobs overseas. Pathetic. I am SOOOO tired about hearing about the jobs issue. You talk to those coal miners in the Pennsylvania whom Trump was promising to bring back jobs for. He hasn’t and I don’t see how he himself can. It is not in Trump’s power (or is it?) to tell power plants what energy to use. Fact is, more power plants have adapted to other sources of energy instead of coal (as they should). To bring miners their jobs back, maybe those companies should be expanding their realm of energy to other sources such as wind-power, waterpower, and solar. Also, those miners are likely to lose their health benefits under Trump’s healthcare repeal.

It’s painfully comedic to me to see these things happen and not even feel bad for those people that believed in his campaign; those people that actually thought that Trump would work for them. I think of the woman who voted for Trump because she wanted immigration reform. And then she was shocked that ICE arrested and deported her husband (whom of which was an illegal immigrant), saying that she thought Trump would only deport criminals. Well lady, under law, your husband is a criminal. It’s sad, I feel terrible for her family that now is torn apart, but the irony is worth noting.

I am still calling my senators and my representatives–asking that they consider the facts backed by science; asking that they see through the lies of our president; asking that they they work for the people and not for their pocketbooks.

I could seriously go on and on about how fucked up this state of affairs is. For that, I am going to keep this short. As I feel my point has been clearly made again and again throughout my blog that I am disheartened by the current state of affairs. I really hope that we can get an objective investigation into the Russian hacking ordeal and some more transparency in our government. Right now, I’m afraid we are in for a long, long term of lying, propaganda, ignorance, and entitlement. It’s getting old—already. The only good thing to come out of this mess is SNL. There are some people I am OK with making money at the expense of the taxpayers—not the politicians—the comedians.


Stay woke, people.


Image Credit: Union of Concerned Scientists


Forming a Political Backbone

Watch out, I’m honing my political compass!

This past election has stirred a dormant, but passionate, activism within me.  I am disgusted with myself that I haven’t been politically active sooner (Although, I can say that I have voted in ever primary election I was able).  I am shocked everyday (but not so much anymore) by what I am seeing out of D.C. and Commander-in-Chief Dumbass.  So, I’ve been getting to work in my downtime (which is unfortunately few and far between) harassing my senators, our governor, and attending as many marches as I can.  In fact, I’ll even be going to a march in D.C. in a couple of weeks!

Women’s March.  Des Moines, IA

I’m struggling with the feeling of retro activism–that by this point, there is little we can do but hold on for the ride.  I feel discouraged by what I hear on the news everyday but I will keep persisting nonetheless.  I am a stubborn woman, and this is not an exception.

I’ve been sending e-mails, leaving voicemails, typing up things that I should be sending into the opinion sections of local papers..  At work, I have been an advocate for programs like Meals on Wheels and Section 8 housing–I see programs like these keep people in their homes and out of the hospital everyday.  But the Trump Administration would have us believe that these programs are not working and are too expensive.  Well, simple math, one day in the hospital for a senior on medicare is waaaaaaay more costly to the taxpayer than a $9 meal and <$20 for rent each day.

I’ve digressed a bit.  I am equally passionate about what I do for work, though.

Email 6 of 7:

Senator Joni Ernst,
I would like to offer you some advice, in contrast to that of our president—IF the senators of Iowa choose to approve the President’s new American Health Care act to replace the Affordable Care Act, without seeking revisions, I will do my upmost to ensure that you, and your fellow senator representing the people of this state, are not re-elected.
In addition to my fears of losing medical care for our most vulnerable, I am in great free of the President’s plan to defund programs such as Meals on Wheels. Please, show the President local statistics that disprove his assertion that these programs have no benefit.. This program keeps our seniors in their homes, and out of nursing facilities, healthy, and out of hospitals, and connected with people in our community who check in on them and will direct them to other various resources as needed.
Senator Ernst, I have no problem paying taxes to pay for the care of the proportions of our most vulnerable. I do, however, have a problem paying taxes paying for the salaries of our elected officials who are not standing up to this circus President.
Thank you for your time,

In closing, I am a happy progressive.  And the more I think about what it means to other people (bleeding-heart-liberal, hippy, uninformed, etc.) and to me (forward-thinking, open-minded, all-inclusive) the more I see how deeply divided we as a people are.  We have those that want “the good old days” back.  And those, like me, who see “the good old days” and cringe.  Which is why I’ve been saying how irrevocably cyclical history is.  Can the cycle be broken?