“You don’t know what you got–til it’s gone”

The title of this post alludes to having to do with a sensitive matter.  A longing for something that is no longer present.  With the cold, has come a nostalgia for something I have lost.

My long hair.

Don’t get me wrong, I am totally enjoying the easy hair styling that comes with short hair (now I can dedicate more of my time to make-up, whereas before, it was reversed). But there’s something wholesome about having long hair. I wore it like a trophy.  I was proud of it (even if my ends were VERY damaged). But I took it for granted–like I always do.

I was looking at some old pictures capturing the many different styles I’ve embraced over the years.. Hippy-chic, rock girl, lazy college student, athletic, etc. But something seems to have remained a constant for me.. I’ve always had long hair.  Now that it’s cold, I miss it even more than losing the hassle of tangles and care.

So here’s a little throwback in honor of my long locks.  And a little trip down memory lane.

I used to joke about growing my hair long enough to wear it.  That I’d tie a string around my hair beneath my chest, to keep my hair in place and to cover up the lady bits, as to make a “hair halter top”. I don’t know that I will ever be that bold, even in joking..  But I sure hope Sylvia can let this mama enjoy having long hair again.  Even if I am only able to wear it down every once in a blue moon.

Then I’ll have to buy a “Long hair, don’t care” shirt.