It’s Fall Y’all!

I feel like autumn is already almost over. I thought I’d take a post to relish in everything I love about this season, quick as it may (seemingly) come and go.

As my personality developed, I aligned myself with fall in that it is a time of change, of reflection, of the end of the old, and beginning of the new. I remember the many days walking home after school dragging my feet through leaves and feeling so at peace (I love how Mother Nature takes the reigns and we as visitors just sort of have to go with it). I remember the warmth of wearing a hoodie in the fall chill (I love fall-favored clothes). But probably my favorite past time is sitting around a fire with good people as the sun falls and the temperatures drop.

I love the colors of fall. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love the green and mossy hues of spring but there’s something so sacred about fall. It’s our last ditch attempt at taking advantage of the outdoors for the year. I always feel bad about not doing enough over the summer but I up the ante in fall and make up for it.

I think back over the years and some of my most vivid memories from growing up are from fall. I remember being a witch for Halloween (for too many years) with my brother. I remember going to the annual Halloween dance, sponsored by a local non-profit for persons with intellectual disabilities, with my family every year growing up. I remember having an absolute blast to be a part of something like that. I remember my dad carving our pumpkins. I remember my mom trying to bake pumpkin seeds (because my friends had shared theirs with me at school) and stinking up the whole house for a couple of weeks. I remember Thanksgiving as a child at my Aunt and Uncle’s farm. I remember spending most of my time in the barn with my cousins and the farm cats before supper was ready. I remember the pumpkin pie. I remember the good feels I got from being around family.


Fall into winter is a really family-intense time period! But I didn’t mind, I loved, and still love, the warmth, the tradition, and the memories (even if they stress me out).

Going forward, I’ve already started some fall traditions of my own. For one, I’ve prided myself in crocheting part of Sylvia’s costume every year. Someday, I won’t have the time, or daughter-approval, to make her costumes, so I relish in doing what I can now. Watching “Hocus Pocus” every year has also become tradition—for obvious reasons. I’ve fallen in love with the smell of pumpkin spice and autumn leaves scentsy waxes—I cannot imagine another fall without the manufactured smell of fall lingering in my house. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed decorating the front of our house for Halloween and fall (more than I can say for Christmas). I am very much looking forward to forming more family traditions and embracing the festive housewife I seem to be developing into.

There’s some positivity for ya!

The nice thing is that she’s content to be outside, even if we are busy raking leaves

Author: Caitlyn

Artsy, crafty, history-conscious, earth-friendly, new mama.

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