Labor Day Vay-Cay

I never thought I’d say this, but I think I actually LOVE taking trips with my little one (and husband). OK, maybe not the packing and unpacking part—that’s just awful and always will be. But, the introducing Sylvia to the world (while I’m discovering it for myself) part is just a very cool experience. And I’m actually starting to really like when Hubs takes initiative without asking my opinion. Because if he’d asked me and kept me super in the loop with planning this whole thing 6 months ago, I probably would’ve told him that our Labor Day vacation was a bad idea. Because I have realized that the older I have gotten–the more anxious and stressed I get about big plans.

Have I mentioned that I called off our original wedding plans.. Fancy(ish) venue, theme, large(ish) guest list.. EVERYTHING!? And instead, opted for a small, informal union while camping? I do feel like I have said something about it here before so I’ll let it go. Lest I am losing my mind some more. That’s entirely possible.

Any way, I’ve digressed.

Hubs has probably brought up the “House on the Rock” museum every time Frank Lloyd Wright comes up (which is actually quite a bit since he is like the only architect I know or who’s life work I have knowingly and intently toured). I am actually able to connect his style to almost every eccentric house I see. I’m not the only person fond of the guy, hence the House on the Rock—which is NOT a Frank Lloyd Wright house but a sort of shrine house built by a man fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright. This guy, Alex was his name, liked his style so much he built a house comparable to Wright’s tastes. And while I am still uneasy about his house being so closely tied to the actually works of Wright, it is still a really cool destination. Any house with shag carpet floors and walls is a house I love!

**My own disclaimer to anyone interested in visiting is that if you are little off-put by darkness and high heights, that’s pretty much the entire theme of the place. Dark crannies, dark overhead, high heights, and bright, creepy music machines! But the music machines are the best part, by far; creepy or no.

I think my favorite activity, out of the whole trip, was WizardQuest. Which was actually our first adventure at the Dells. I was super skeptical going into it and didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea how they planned to incorporate a video game-like feel without VR or something like that. But it was super fun! It brought back all the things I miss about video gaming—goblins, spells, elves, etc. etc. Shout out to the Hubby for crawling into all of the little crawly places and finding our clues. We couldn’t have completed the quests without his supple frame. I know he felt it the next day.

Here’s one little cranny of the Earth level at WizardQuest

Sylvia was a dream throughout our trip. Although the first night was off to a rough start, once she settled down and gave into sleeping in her pack ‘n play in a foreign place, she bounced back the next day after a restful night of sleep. We were go-go-go for the first whole day of our trip, topping the day off right at the Cave of the Mounds. Sylvia was pretty happy to be there in her carrier snuggled up in my chest (caves are cold, mind you). There was another little boy there about a year older than Sylvia who was NOT happy to be there, however. He gave me a little glimpse into the life as a mom with a mobile youngin’. And now I somewhat dread, more than before, the terrible two’s and mobility. I really felt for the parents of that kiddo. Though, if I were in their shoes, I would’ve thrown the towel in early and hauled Sylvia to the car if that were her. That’s mostly because I am super sensitive to human emotion and listening to her cry is super exhausting and gets me irritable real quick! But I totally admire parents who don’t let their children’s antics shake up their plans. I think it shows the kid that no amount of fussing will get things to go the way they want. Power to those parents!
Thoughts in hindsight post-Labor Day vacation:

Don’t pack the jogger on any future trips unless we plan on visiting a human beehive (like the Iowa State Fair). Huge waste of trunk space and we never needed it 

Stop monopolizing all the vacation plans going forward

Give hubs more credit for his ability of planning things (because I forgot to pack him underwear and suck at planning in other ways)

Hubs’ got mad photography skills

There are so many other places within reasonable driving distance to discover



Some more photos from the trip:

Cave of the Mounds.
Huge whale. Maybe a bit larger than scale.
Gardens outside of the House on the Rock
Wow, this looks a lot dirtier with the flash on. But cool nonetheless!
Almost walking

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