Warning: this is my obligatory weather update from our household. Snow content throughout. If you are tired of hearing about the weather, namely snow—disregard this post.


It’s happening everywhere—lots of snow in a short amount of time. Just a few weeks ago, the boyfrand and I were laughing at some of the coverage we saw coming out of the Northeast—a man that attempts to shovel out his car, only to find more snow piled up by the time he makes his way full-circle—the many “pet meets snow” videos—and of course, my favorite, those innovators who took the time to make beer fridges and igloos (to sit in and drink beer, surely). I had a hunch that making fun of others’ unfortunate circumstances was a bit premature. Mother Nature has a way of making things that go around, come back around to dash the hopes of luck. We didn’t get served nearly what the East coast did, but our lavish, comfortable, warm life definitely came into question.

There have been warnings about an impending snowstorm due for Tuesday for nearly a week in advance. But, like most Iowans this time of year, we take a snow forecast to be as likely as O’Malley winning our caucuses. Besides, temperatures were hovering near 40 degrees Monday. What are the odds? High. Still high. We are not in the clear until mid-April around these parts. But one can hope.

The snow came, as they said it would, Tuesday morning. My boyfriend went to work, being the martyr he is and also (most likely) to make a non-verbal statement to his employees. I don’t have to drive his car often, thankfully, but I question the car’s capacity at maneuvering in snow. So I worry and verbally told him and texted him to be safe. At about 7:30am, we had three power surges within an hour. So, I got up and looked outside and there was white shit everywhere. Imagine that right?   Well, I’m often impressed by the extent to which Mother Nature proves we are only visitors passing through this place. It’s humbling. But I still don’t like being inconvenienced by snow.

The boy toy decided to end his reign of martyrdom at work and come home around 10:30am but felt that with his luck, the snow would stop once he got home. And within a half hour of returning home, it did. But I enjoy being cooped up at home as a family—so the massive amount of snow is bittersweet for me. It must’ve snowed more overnight in addition to wind gusts because we had more Wednesday morning when we awoke to the baby monitor beeping at us. Our power went out around 4am and stayed out for a couple of hours. We don’t have any kind of access to the outside world without power aside from texts and calls (we have wifi-powered data on our phones) so weren’t sure how bad things were out on the roads.

I got up to bring Sylvia into bed with us since our heat wasn’t running. While I was up, I had to take a peek outside and looked out there for longer than necessary. (Again, I’m super fascinated by the capability of Mother Nature. I also thought it was eerie how dark and uninhabited it looked outside). In all honesty, I like when the power goes out. It forces us to entertain ourselves and snuggle up. I can’t wait for Sylvia to experience power outages when she’s older. There will be scary stories, there will be candles, and there will be cuddles. I’ve digressed.
The power came back on a little after 6am—our electronics were sure to let us know with beeps and don-dah-dahs. Sylvia was sleeping surprisingly well next to me, so I succumbed to sleep with my ‘lil lady some more. Woke up to the boyfrand at about 9am being a martyr again and determined to get to work (the news was reporting all roads in our area as being completely covered). I insisted he take the Honda Pilot and he did and I didn’t worry. In his rush to get to work, he must’ve forgot or not wanted to shovel the sidewalks (we are on a corner lot a short distance away from the town’s elementary school, so I always feel obliged to get ours shoveled ASAP). I’ve been using the baby monitor when I go out to shovel in the morning. Sylvia is most agreeable in the morning so I can usually get it all done without her getting upset. Not Tuesday though. The snow was heavy and wet—the kind of white shit that sticks to the shovel when you try and dump it out. I got maybe a quarter of the shoveling done before I heard introductory whining.

The moral of this post, I s’pose, is that I enjoyed our mini snowacolypse we had earlier this week. Severe weather in general has always fascinated me. Something about the lack of control of events correlates in some weird way with my anxiety and depression. Severe weather gives me a reason to stay home and hunker down in the safety of my own home. It affirms my (usually irrational) thoughts of what could go wrong. There is plenty to be worried about in the world and maybe I get a sense of comfort that the weather is something we can all agree on as anxiety-inducing. It’s at these times that I don’t feel crazy and in fact, empowered in my own right. That’s probably kind of odd to most people, but it is what it is nonetheless. Can’t wait for tornado season!


Author: Caitlyn

Artsy, crafty, history-conscious, earth-friendly, new mama.

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