Hopes for 2016

I don’t think a “New Year’s resolution” has any basis for making things happen. It’s become a tradition for some people and if it works for them, that’s great. More power to ya! I, for one, have a hard time sticking to anything. So for me to say that I have a resolution I intend to follow for a WHOLE year is just setting myself up to fail. What works for me is making pacts with my conscience about something I want to change versus will change. I also hold off on revealing any ideas for change until it sinks deep in thought and sticks awhile. For example, I have had the intentions of quitting cigarettes over the years something like fifteen times. My friends heard that false declaration all the time. And while my intentions were well placed, it often never stuck. So, instead, I would go without smoking a good while, and then decide to tell people “I pretty much quit smoking”. That way I wouldn’t feel guilty and deceptive if I caved later on. I will say I ultimately ended the pricey, smelly habit a couple of years ago. Smoking without drinking is another story.. Maybe I’ll work that one out in my head this year.

I’ve got a lot of things I hope to see happen in 2016, however. I’ll share these with the world, but keep in mind that things that take effort on my part might not be carried out with flawless execution.

Caucus. I have a lot of questions about caucusing; like would it be a good idea to wear Sylvia there? How long does it take? Is it essentially like casting a ballot? If you know these answers or can tell me more about it—please do!! Otherwise, as it nears, I’ll stress over it until I google it. The main reason I want to go is because someone I trust to be smart on policymaking said it’s more important (as an Iowan) than voting.
This is one of my biggest plans for this coming year. For quite some time, my sense of self has slowly been aligning with certain politics. I am also a bit of a news junky now that I’m home so often and this year’s election is one I have concerned myself with. While I have found benefit to aligning myself with a candidate, politics generally frustrate me. But it’s not exclusively at the fault of candidates or what is in the news. I’m talking about the crooked process of electing politicians. It’s rigged, and if you think I’m just being a rebel without cause, watch this https://youtu.be/Zd5rul6EdF0 . Yeah, I know it’s a cable TV show, but he’s right. Which is in part why I’m motivated to caucus, and vote, for the only candidate, in my opinion, that wants to rid our country of this kind of corruption. That kind of gives you an idea. Only kind of.

Travel. Since Sylvia is able to focus and shows interest in new things, I can’t wait to get her out there to see the world. I’ll probably start by keeping things local. You know, getting out to do things in Ames. I’m looking forward to taking walks at Ada Hayden and hitting up the Farmer’s Market each week most of all! I will justify this as travel because we would have to leave town. Clever, huh? If our runs to Ames regularly go well, trips to Des Moines are soon to follow. I’m going to take care, as Sylvia ages, that bigger, more extravagant trips are kept age appropriate and will stick in her memory. I’m sure there will be exceptions, but putting off a trip like Disneyland (the hope being we can someday afford big vacations) until close to ten years old seems like a good projection. I’m going to be picky about her age in regard to vacations because I personally have little to no memory of vacations prior to about 3rd grade. It’s too bad so much money and time was dedicated to something forgotten. Not to the fault of my parents though, I was the last-born and my brother and I were much easier to corral back then.

DIY wedding. It hasn’t really sunk in yet, but I’m getting married later this year. And now that 2016 is finally here, it’s definitely inducing some anxiety. This is gonna be a long nine months. My plan is, as my plan always was, to save as much money by buying cheap/making as much of the décor as is possible. As of now, I’ve been collecting jars and pinning away on my pinterest wedding page for DIY ideas that will go with my theme. The hardest part for me at this point is distinguishing between perfect world and reality. While I like the idea of everything being flawlessly matched up to my thoughts for my wedding day, I realize how ridiculous that is. We anticipate that, aside from rental fees, our greatest expense will be on food and booze. I am hoping to hone in on my choice of invites within the next few weeks. I think I found my dress, too. It’s very much my aesthetic and it’s $90. I think my wedding, no matter the décor or attire, will turn out well so long as I don’t get crazy anxious or embarrass myself. Thankfully, there will be booze.

Eat healthy. How cliché. Of course this is making my list. Well, there’s a generally good feeling I get from eating cleaner foods. I also don’t tire as easily, my system “gets regular” and I sleep better. I’ve been blessed with great genetics and a kick ass metabolism that does a pretty good job making me appear like I’m a healthy eater. It’s a mirage—I’m typically not. I struggle in the food department every day to keep things balanced and I know I definitely overeat sometimes. I can only think of it like I’m a chipmunk, getting as much food as I can because I’m not sure when the next time will be that I can get away from Sylvia to make something to eat. Or I feel urged to opt for a quick microwave dinner kind of meal. I need to start wearing her when I’m preparing food, that’d be a great deterrent for me. Another obstacle to eating healthy is that Joey is a rather picky eater. I usually have to consider meal prep for one person, which isn’t always cost-efficient. Oh well, more good food leftovers for me the next day!

I’m feeling pretty optimistic about this year. 2015 set the bar pretty high, delivering a house and a baby, but I generally think since my lowest point in life, every year following has been better than the last. Try and keep up 2016.


Author: Caitlyn

Artsy, crafty, history-conscious, earth-friendly, new mama.

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