Playing Catch-up

I lol’ed at my previous blog post upon returning. Boredom? A need to achieve? Psh. I apologize for that, and in advance, for a great attribute of mine—fickleness. It’s one of my more attractive qualities believe it or not, one I share with my boy toy. Anywho. I have some ‘splaining to do I feel so here it goes.

After Sylvia’s first month home, I felt like my normal self again (though my rejuvenated sense of self didn’t sync up with my still lacking physical appearance). Which means I was back to the same ‘ol same: cleaning, getting outside, and picking back up with my busy projects like crocheting and stuff like that. I have Sylvia to thank for making that possible. As long as she was (and is) near me or in my arms, I’m pretty able. After that first month, we really got to know one another’s temperament. Now I can crochet while ensuring a baby in my arms remains peacefully asleep! I think I’ll add that to my resume.

This fall has really delivered this year and been quite mild which allowed me to kind of get my hands dirty with the landscaping in the front yard. I say “kind of” because it was really hard getting motivated for that when the weather (and my body) was conducive enough to let me back on my motorcycle. (Which I missed so, so much while pregnant.  I’m sure I’ll elaborate more on that in a future post). I also preferred using my outside time for walks with Sylvia with a friend with her little ones and hitting up a small park in town with my future sister-in-law and her ‘lil ladies. Once I get spring fever next year, I’m sure I will make that front yard landscaping project my bitch. And it will feel oh so good not to have to look at the half-finished raised bed anymore.

The crafty projects have kept me hustlin’ and bustlin’ and I’ve been scramblin’ to finish them in time for the holidays. One project I started after that first month home with Sylvia was her Halloween costume. I think I got that done in a couple of weeks. It wouldn’t have even been possible if I hadn’t decided to go back to work a little sooner to help out. That is where I really love my job. Anyway, I was able to finish that costume within that week of Halloween. And I had to rig a few parts of it, but overall, the costume turned out beautifully. Sylvia didn’t seem to mind it either, which was a plus. When I was wasn’t working on that/when that was finished, I have also been in the process of working on a boy baby blanket (that I started before I knew the gender of our ‘lil lady, still not done), and a big ISU cardinal and gold afghan for my mom for her birthday (back in August, yeah, missed that by a long one)/Christmas (yep, still shooting and missing). That pattern is pretty difficult so pretty much every time I take more than a couple of weeks away, I have to go back and look at the book to re-learn it, which takes more time. Ugh. There’s also been a number of baby booties in there. Once I found some patterns I liked on pinterest, I couldn’t keep from pumping out those bad boys.

But probably my most proud piece of work over the past few months has been a painting I’ve been working on for Joey for his birthday (you guessed it, still not done.  I’m really bad with deadlines now I guess). I’m not going to ruin its reveal but I’m super stoked about it. I have wanted to paint, draw, use pastels–just put stuff on a canvas for a long, long time. I have this 3×2 foot or so canvas painting I started right after I graduated high school that I have been dragging around to every place I move, adding a bit more to it whenever I remember it. But I think I’ve probably outgrown that art style at this point. It was more of an abstract/flash art kind of thing. It will get done eventually I’m sure. But it definitely has lost the potential it had 6 years ago. Dang, that kind of bums me out.

On a positive note for closing, I’m so happy to be at home most of the time and having the time and drive to do art stuff. And the best part is that I can do it in tandem with raising (or more like wondrously watching) Sylvia. I have to give a shout out to that man of mine, ‘cause no matter how much I rag on him for his vices and habits, he’s made all of this possible for me. Thanks, Joey. I love you long time.

Can you take a guess as to why she was a “very hungry caterpillar” for Halloween?  It’s OK, you can say it..  She’s on the big side of things.

Author: Caitlyn

Artsy, crafty, history-conscious, earth-friendly, new mama.

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